Last Meme?

This was basically the message of our whole movement. Be nice. Be nice. Be nice. This might be my last meme? Might not? I’m not too sure. I’ll try my best to keep posting because this is a topic that I care about deeply. If I don’t get to pos†, I’d like to say a … More Last Meme?

Our Goal

We have been working for about 4 months on this digital activism project. As we near the end of the school year we are trying to get as many people to read and spread the word about our topic as possible. The goal of our specific project was to make sure that New York kept … More Our Goal

Social Media!

We have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! We post about updates here on WordPress and also give sneak peeks into videos and projects we have been doing during our tech class. If you follow our social media, any one of them please make sure to spread the word and if possibly check out our petition too! … More Social Media!

Multi-Media Project: green cards & visas

My multi-media project consisted of a slide show with information on green cards and visas. What are the relevant laws affecting international student study in the United States, and What are the consequences of having those laws? To date, there has not been a comprehensive compilation identifying such regulations nor an analysis and charting of … More Multi-Media Project: green cards & visas